Testing, Grading & Repair

Mainstream Global offers complete asset management of all computer related items. Our services include comprehensive testing and refurbishment services for whole units such as desktops, laptops, LCD displays, and component testing for items such as hard drives, memory modules and CPU’s. All inventories received goes through a stringent testing process to ensure that any products we recover and ship into the marketplace are functional and refurbished to manufacturer specifications. Our technicians are trained across a variety of product categories and are dedicated to meeting and exceeding quality standards.

Our goal as a company is to gain the greatest amount of reuse from all materials received through the reverse supply chain. We understand the importance of maximizing the value of each product delivered to us. Therefore, we have invested significant resources in building out our testing and repair capabilities globally. All our facilities provide climate controlled ESD20.20 compliant processing, rework and data erasure labs. We have modeled our Latin America centers after our US plant configuration and implemented the exact processes so that our capabilities are standardized across all global locations.

Our process begins with the receipt of excess products, in conditions ranging from unused goods in unopened, factory-sealed packaging to uncertain quality goods in damaged boxes. We sort and inspect each item, capture relevant data, and then test and grade, which determines how the product will be dispositioned (reused or recycled). All goods received go through the following quality controlled steps by our trained technicians:

  • De-trash
  • Product identification
  • Physical inspection
  • Functional testing
  • Grading
  • Full unit refurbishment and repackaging
  • Component harvesting

Testing and screening services provide the ability for our technicians to determine the disposition of components and the optimum plan to best repurpose for their intended use. Every piece is inspected and sorted according to the screening outcomes in one of five grading categories to indicate the viability of the technology:

  • No Fault Found (NFF)
  • No Trouble Found (NTF)
  • Customer Induced Damage (CID)
  • In Warranty (INW)
  • Out Of Warranty (OOW)

Materials found to have NTF or NFF can be harvested and reused during our repair or refurbishment process to be readied for resale. Alternatively, these NTF or NFF materials can be returned at the partner’s request for redeployment into their reverse supply chain or to replenish warranty spares inventory resulting in cost avoidance.

Our partners count on our services to ensure that if a product received from the reverse supply chain can be reused for its intended purpose, we have the training and experience to capture the most value from each asset. Our market expertise, quality control and testing capabilities make us a leading supplier of products into the global secondary IT marketplace.