Mainstream Global Leadership Team

Juan Yepez, Chief Executive Officer
Luis Yepez, Chief Operating Officer
Joe Errico, Chief Marketing Officer
John Borrelli, President

Juan Yepez

Chief Executive Officer

Since founding Mainstream Global in 2000, Juan has withstood challenges and overcome hurdles to grow the company from a small business into a thriving corporation. As CEO, Juan is at the helm of the organization, building and fostering relationships with key strategic partners around the globe. Juan’s early beginnings gave him a solid foundation for a deep knowledge of the technology market for how to turn one customer’s inventory problems into revenue opportunities while solving the supply issues of others. He takes pride in the strength of Mainstream Global’s management team, all with nearly 20 years’ of experience in the business. Juan sits on several boards of local organizations including the Boys and Girls Club, Holy Family Hospital and he encourages Mainstream Global’s employees to donate their time to locally based non-profit organizations. Contact Juan at juan.yepez@mainstream-global.com

Luis Yepez
Chief Operating Officer

Luis is responsible for Mainstream Global’s international expansion, having built out our operations in Latin America, with a continuous focus on emerging markets. As COO, Luis tightly manages the logistics of the company’s global expansion. Much of his time is spent in Latin America building and fostering relationships with local vendors and teams to efficiently develop the infrastructure and process to build out competitive operations. Much of Luis’ success in international diplomacy comes from his seven years of active duty service in the Navy on overseas missions for bilateral trade opportunities. Prior to joining Mainstream Global in 2001 Luis had a successful career as a Manufacturing Electrical Engineer at an implantable medical device company. Luis sits on several boards of local organizations including Groundwork Lawrence and Lawrence General Hospital. Contact Luis at: luis.yepez@mainstream-global.com

Joe Errico
Chief Marketing Officer

Joe’s dedication and vision is an instrumental part of the foundation Mainstream Global needs to take the business to the next level. As CMO of Mainstream Global, he leads the sales and purchasing teams to build out and diversify the supplier and customer base. As a key member of the executive team, Joe thrives on bringing the right parties together to move the business forward and is relentless in his pursuit of growing the business and uncovering opportunities. Joe’s experience in the industry began at Converge where he was one of the founding members of the Technology Products Group, which added computer products to the company’s portfolio successfully diversifying the business. After 14 years with Converge, Joe spent the following 5 years working his way from Director of Sales to CEO of Fast Asset Corporation and transformed the business from a brokerage company into a market leader partnering with industry recognized global accounts. Contact Joe at joe.errico@mainstream-global.com

John Borrelli

John is the driving force behind Mainstream Global’s Solutions division which is a vital part of our diversification and global growth strategy. Under his strategic direction, the division was launched and continues to find unprecedented success addressing the supply chain issues of top tier organizations. John’s goal is to develop industry solutions that help companies optimize their reverse supply chain by reducing costs, increasing revenue and mitigating risks in the service spares and returns management processes. John has over 20 years of experience in the computer and reverse logistics space, bringing extensive solutions development experience and unique reverse logistics insight to our customers and industry. Prior to joining Mainstream Global, John was instrumental in the startup of Converge’s Reverse Supply Chain Solutions Group (now known as Re:Solve) which led to the acquisition by Arrow Electronics.  Contact John at john.borrelli@mainstream-global.com