Environmental Responsibility ori

Today, every business should be or is talking about sustainable solutions. Our goal at Mainstream Global is to responsibly manage and reduce the amount of waste by, when possible, bringing technology equipment back to its original functional intent for global remarketing purposes. We take pride in knowing we help customers manage the environmental impact of their business while maintaining compliance to our ISO14001 environmental management system.

While we make every effort to bring product received through the reverse supply chain back to a condition where it can be remarketed for its intended use, there are circumstances where this is not possible. For material we recycle, we follow the strictest of processes that are proven through documentation and rigorous downstream audits and certifications. We partner with some of the world’s leading environmental auditing firms to provide the assurance that proper processes are in place for our internal procedures, as well as for our R2 certified recyclers we partner with for final disposition.

Whether it is through our repair and refurbishing processes or recycling of product packing materials, our reverse logistics approach offers sustainable solutions to mitigate our negative impact on the environment. Over the years, it has been our long-standing goal to be a steward of the environment and be a responsible recycling partner to all of our clients. Whether recycling on your behalf or partnering with an approved recycler of your choice, Mainstream Global has the right solution.