Data Wipe Solutions

To best protect your corporate reputation, erasing your corporate and customer information from storage devices is best left to a fully insured, fully auditable and accountable strategic partner.

Mainstream Global has a proven track record of offering a full service solution from pickup through testing, secure data erasure, reporting, remarketing and responsible recycling. We provide organizations with the peace of mind that comes with compliant processing from beginning to end.data can put an organization at risk for serious financial losses. A growing risk is the substantial ramifications a corporation could face for failing or neglecting to securely and properly erase potential confidential and sensitive information from hard disk drives. Risks can include federal and/or civil lawsuits, heavy fines or negative press and loss of consumer goodwill—all which can negatively impact a company’s bottom line and reputation.

Whether your organization has a need to securely erase hard disk drives in-house or at a client site, Mainstream Global can offer a solution tailored to your specific need. Our portable, high-volume processing equipment meets Department of Defense 5220.22M and NIST800-88 standards which can be deployed to manage customer on-site secure data erasure. In most cases this testing is done on site by our trained technicians, making it a turnkey process for your organization. However, if your business prefers higher levels of control and wants to more closely manage the process, we can offer training and supervision so you can manage the project on site, on your terms and your schedule.

Alternatively, the same high-volume hard drive data wipe and testing services are provided at our state-of-the art processing centers located around the globe. By handling the data erase process within our facility, it allows us to process larger volumes of drives while still assuring companies the same data protection confidence. Well-documented measures are in place to securely manage every step of the process: there is limited lab access, 24×7 security cameras, environmental controls and separate security systems for all areas processing sensitive data. Any hard disk drives that fail our process are physically destroyed on-site and placed in a locked container before being securely transported by our own fleet of vehicles to our R2 certified recycler.

With data security issues at such heightened levels of awareness, we provide certificates of data erasure for all drives that are processed though our labs, and certificates of destruction for failed drives. Both are made available and maintained on file for your corporate documentation and your clients’ peace of mind.